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What is Microbiology?
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OSU Department of Microbiology

What is Microbiology?

According to the Microbiology Department, "Microbiology is the study of small organisms, most of which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, although some colonial bacteria, parasites and many fungi are readily visible without a microscope. These organisms include bacteria, archaea, small eukaryotes including phytoplankton, zooplankton, parasites and fungi, and viruses. Microbes of various types are everywhere on Earth, and they impact our lives and our environment in profound ways. Many cause disease, and the study of pathogenic microbes and host immunity systems is a cornerstone of medicine and public health; since 1910, one-third of Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology have been awarded to microbiologists. But many microbes are beneficial, either through mutualistic interactions with their host animal or plant, or through their contributions to nutrient cycling in the environment. 

The Microbiology Program at OSU offers courses that study the diverse properties and roles of microbes with respect to human and environmental health. A selection of upper (400) level courses lets you choose to emphasize different specialties, with strong representation of both pathogenic microbiology and environmental microbiology."

Related Careers

Agronomist Geographer Paramedic
Animal Scientist Geophysicist/Physicist Parasitologist
Aqua Culturist Health Officer Pathologist
Aquaculture Farmer Histotechnologist Pharmaceutical Sales
Aquarium Technician Horticulturist Pharmacy Therapist
Aquatic Biologist Hospital Administrator Pheboltomist
Barrier Beach Manager Hydrographic Surveyor Physician
Biochemist Immunologist Public Health Worker
Bio-Engineer Industrial Hygienist Research Assistant
Biometrician Industrial Marine Economist Research Technologist
Bio-Technologist Infection Control Practicioner Salt Marsh Worker
Boat Builder & Repair Lab Analyst Science Illustrator
Botanist Lab Coordinator
Science Lab Technician
Chemical Oceanographer Limnological Technician Science Teacher
Chiropractor Marine Bacteriologist Science Writer
Clinical Trial Assistant Marine Biologist Scientific Journalist
Costal Resources Manager Marine Ecologist Seafood Processor
Commerical Fishery Engineer Marine Engineering Technician Seafood Researcher
Commerical Inland Water Marine Fisheries Worker Soil Conservationist
Coroner Marine Geologist State Parks & Recreation
Dentist Marine Tourist Worker Systems Analyst
Dietitian & Nutritionist Marine-Costal Consult Technical Writer
Ecologist Market Research Analyst Test Inspection Technician
Environmental Protection Medical Technologist Toxicologist
Environmental Engineer Meterologist Transportation Worker
Environmental Health Microbiologist Underwater Technician
Ergonomist Molecular Biologist Veterinarian
Fish Hatchery Technician Mortician Virologist
Fisheries Conservation Museum/Aquarium Administrator Water Quality Technician
Florist Mycologist Wildlife Biologist
Food Microbiologist Naval Architect Wildlife Resources Manager
Food Scientist/Technician Net Designer Zoo Keeper
Forester Neurobiologist Zoologist
Genetic Engineering Research Oceanographer

Related Skills

Analytical & Quantitative Abilities Operate Scientific Equipment
Biology Theory & Practical Knowledge Oral & Written Communication
Curiosity & Creativity Organization
Independent Problem Solving
Information Handling Statistical Awareness
Innovative Teamwork
Numerical Computation Technical Skills

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