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What is Law?
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What is Law?

Google defines Law as "the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties." A lawyer then is someone who studies and/or practices law, and is also known as an attorney or a counselor.

Law - What Can I Do with This Degree? pdf - lists the industry areas, employers, and strategies for using your degree.

Related Careers

Accountant Law Historian
Administrator Lawyer
Adoptions Lawyer Legal Advisor
Attorney Legal Associate
Banking Lawyer Legal Executive
Barrister Legal Researcher
Barrister's Clerk Litigator
Business Lawyer Marital Counselor
Chartered Secretaries Mediator
CIA/FBI/ATF Agent Nonprofit Manager
Civil Rights Lawyer Paralegal
Constitutional Lawyer Patent Agent
Court Legal Advisor Philosophical Lawyer
Criminal Justice Expert Professor
Detective Public Administrator
Economist Public Interest Lawyer
Entrepreneur Public Policy Analyst
Environmental Lawyer Real Estate Agent
Family Lawyer Real Estate Broker
Forensic Scientist Social Worker
Government Lawyer Sociologist
Human Resource Management Administrator Solicitor
In-House Lawyer Tax Lawyer
Insurance Agent War Crimes Lawyer
Journalist Writer/Author
Judge Youth Lawyer

Related Skills

Analysis Skills Problem Solving Skills
Communication Skills (Oral & Written) Research & Information Extraction Skills
Critical Judgement Skills Solid Legal Knowledge
Keen Listening Skills Teamwork Skills
Master Legal Terminology Understand Relationship Between Law & Society
Persuasive Understanding of Complex Documents

Job & Internship Search Links

USAJobs.gov - check out the Students and Recent Grads section and the Federal Jobs by College Major for a listing of job titles related to your major.

National Association for Law Placement: Jobs - this page has a list of jobs for those in the law field, as well field information.

Law Jobs - this site is a job finder for strictly law jobs.

Legal Jobs


Alternative Lawyer Jobs

NY Times & Monster Legal Jobs

Attorney Jobs


Career Planning Links

Occupational Outlook Handbook - the following links also provide a summary of the career, what they do, the work environment, how to become one, the job outlook, similar occupations and contacts for more information.

Criminal Justice Careers - List of criminal justice career opportunities, with some connecting to federal law, law enforcement and legal careers. Provides a full range of information about the careers including job requirements, salary infomation and school/training information.

Yale Law School Career Planning

Legal Careers

Professional Association Links

National Federation of Paralegal Association - the NFPA has a career center, salary information, and scholarship opportunities.

Law School Admissions Council - provides resources for future students in law, law school information, help from prelaw advisors, and LSAT information.

American Bar Association - this association is very active on their website providing lots of activites and conferences for their members. They also have career resources for lawers and school information for students.

The Association of Legal Assistants

International Bar Association

Federal Bar Association

The Association for Legal Professionals

National Criminal Justice Association

Miscellaneous Links

Legal Dictionary

Find Laws

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