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What is General Agriculture?
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OSU Department of Agricultural Education and General Agriculture

What is General Agriculture?

The General Agriculture program is an undergraduate studies program that provides maximum flexibility in designing and structuring a course of study to meet the students' individual needs. The goal of the Agricultural Sciences program is to help students identify the agricultural career in which they are most interested and build a course of study that will qualify each student for his or her chosen profession. Advising is of paramount importance in this process and major emphasis is placed on career advising.

Related Careers

Agribusiness Accountant

Food & Tobacco Roasting, Baking & Drying Machine Operator

Agricultural Engineer

Food Science Technician

Agricultural Equipment Operator

Food Scientist

Agricultural Inspector


Agricultural Marketing Manager

Graphic Designer

Agricultural Supervisor

Grounds Maintenance Worker

Agricultural Technician

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic & Service Technician


Animal Breeder


Animal Scientist

Lending Agent

Aquaculture Manager

Logging Manager

Audio & Video Equipment Technician



Nonfarm Animal Caretaker

Bioprocessing Systems Manager

Nursery & Greenhouse Manager


Nursery Worker

Chemical Technician

Organic Farmer

Computer Support Specialist

Pest Control Worker

Conservation Worker

Pesticide Handler, Sprayer & Applicator

Cooperative Extension System Director


County Agent Public Relations Manager

Crop & Livestock Manager


Dairy Farmer



Retail Sales Manager

Environmental and Resource Lawyer

Sales Agent

Extension Service Worker

Soil & Plant Scientist

Family and Consumer Sciences Educator

Surface & Ground Water Quality Controller

Farm & Home Management Advisor

Technical Writer

Farm Equipment Mechanic

Tree Trimmer/Pruner


Vineyard Manager


Wholesale Buyer

Field Representative - Agribusiness

Wine Maker

Floral Designer

Youth Development Educator

OSU Careers in Agricultural Sciences

OSU General Agriculture Overview

Related Skills

Broad Knowledge of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Machine Operation Skills

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)

Observation Skills

Computer Skills


Critical Thinking Skills

Physical Stamina

Data Analysis

Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

Decision Making

Research Skills

Detail Oriented



Team Player

Listening Skills

Technical Skills

Job & Internship Search Links

USAJobs.gov - check out the Students and Recent Grads section and the Federal Jobs by College Major for a listing of job titles related to your major.

Bestard Agricultural Placements - Positions in feed, crop, animal health, seed, banking, credit,  fertilizer, and crop protection in Canada and the US.

BlueSkySearch - Online job center for Agriculture, Produce, Food Industry.

Cyber Sierra - Natural Resources Job Search .

ENDS Report - International listing.

Jobhog.net - Online source of job listings and career information specific to the agriculture and  natural sciences industries.

Equimax - Horse Industry Employment.

Farm and Ranch Jobs - an agricultural career website that features the latest jobs in farm production, animal science, and agribusiness.

SustainLane - Green Collar Jobs Board.

Conservation Job Board - a natural resource career website that lists the latest jobs in forestry, wildlife, fisheries, ecology and other fields related to natural resources.

Naturejobs - lists professional positions related to life sciences and different scientific disciplines.

Far West Agribusiness Assocation Internship Portal - designed to connect students with Agribusiness internships in the expanding fields of agronomy, economics, public policy, and business for course credits and/or compensation as determined by Agribusiness retailer and respective colleges and universities.

Horticultural jobs

Nature Jobs

Careers in Food



Agriculture Jobs

Farm & Ranch Jobs

Natural Resources Jobs Search

Forestry & Natural Resources Jobs Listing

Conservation Job Board

Environmental Career Opportunities

Landscape Jobs

Dude Ranch Naturalist Jobs

Green Job Search

Green Dream Jobs

Ag, Biotech & Chem Jobs



Ag Recruitment & Placement Service 

Ag Technology Job listings

Jobs in Horticulture

Career Planning Links

Occupational Outlook Handbook - the following links also provide a summary of the career, what they do, the work environment, how to become one, the job outlook, similar occupations and contacts for more information.

Explore Careers in Life Sciences

OSU Careers in Agricultural Sciences

OSU General Agriculture Overview

Institute of Food Technologists - the career center provides insights and information to help advance your career in food science and the food industry.

Professional Association Links

U.S Department of Agriculture - provides up to date information about agriculture in the U.S.

United States Forest Service - resource for services and employment that the USFS has available.

American Society of Landscape Architects - resources for professional development and an education tool for environmental design.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers - an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems.

The Botanical Society of America - a group whose mission is focused around botany and has many resources for career and employment opportunities.

US Fish & Wildlife Service - a great resource forinformation about careers and benefits that US Fish & Wildlife has to offer.
OSU Natural Resources Leadership Academy - a fantastic opportunity for students to network, gain professional development and academic extension. There are a great set of instructors and professionals attached to this event each summer.

American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

National Association of Conservation Districts

Natural Resources Protective Association

American Farm Bureau Federation

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Environmental Careers Organization

Enviromental Organizations

Ecological Society of America

Miscellaneous Links

Agriculture News

Agricultural Sciences Journal

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