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What is Food Science & Technology?

According to the OSU Department of Food Science and Technology, "Food Science is basically anything that happens to your food from the time it is harvested until it is purchased. From helping to ensure that organic fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer to creating the ultimate in convenience foods—that's food science. The food industry is the world's largest industry, and as a part of it, you'll be developing foods and beverages in response to society's needs and demands.

"Food Science is science—no doubt about it. But it's hands-on science, with real-world applications. You'll actually understand how people use chemistry and microbiology. You'll learn to use it—and, quite often, you'll be able to taste your success!"

Food Science & Technology - What Can I Do with This Degree? pdf - lists the industry areas, employers, and strategies for using your degree.

Related Careers

Agricultural Food Scientist Food Engineer Product Demo Coordinator
Airline Supplier Food Lawyer Product Development Scientist
Applied Food Researcher Food Microbiologist Production Manager
Basic Researcher Food Preservation Specialist Professor
Beverage Manufacturer Food Safety Specialist Quality Assurance Supervisor
Biofuel Specialist Food Science Technician Quality Assurance Technician
Bread Maker Food Scientist Quality Inspector
Brew Analyst Fruit & Vegetable Processor Research Technician
Buyer Head Brewer Sales Manager
Cheese Maker Herbalist Sensory Scientist
Chef Hop Farmer Sensory Evaluator
Consumer Educator Horticulturist Sommelier
Dairy Farmer Marketing Representative Supermarket Chain Manager
Dentist Marketing Specialist Taste Tester
Dietitian Nanotechnologist Teacher
Distributer Nutrition Scientist Technical Writer
Doctor Nutritionist Toxic Substance Scientist
Enologist Packaging Designer Veterinarian
Farmer Packaging Inspector Vineyard Manager
Fermentation Microbiologist Pharmacist Vintner
Flavor Chemist Plant Nutritionist Weed Scientist
Food Analyst Plant Pathologist Winemaker
Food Chemist Process Inspector Writer/Editor
Food Deliverer Processing Technologist  

Related Skills

Analytical Skills Organization Skills
Communication (Oral & Written) People Skills
Mathematical Aptitude Scientific Background
Mechanical Abilities Teamwork

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